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In general apk file xmeye(Xmeye) has rating is 6.9 from 10. This is cumulative rating, most best apps on google play store have rating 8 from 10. Total reviews in google play store 90441. Total number of five star reviews received 39619. This app has been rated like bad by 21585 number of users. Estimated number of downloads range between 10,000,000+ downloads in google play store xmeye(Xmeye) located in category Tools, with tags and has been developed by huangwanshui. You can visit their website http://www.xmeye.com or send nbuhws@gmail.com to them. xmeye(Xmeye) can be installed on android devices with 4.1(Jelly Bean)+. We provide only original apk files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us You could also download apk of Google and run it using android emulators such as big nox app player, bluestacks and koplayer. You could also download apk of xmeye(Xmeye) and run it on android emulators like bluestacks or koplayer. Versions of xmeye(Xmeye) apk available on our site:,,,, and others. Last version of xmeye(Xmeye) is was uploaded 2022/03/09
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Description of xmeye (from google play)

XMEye is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, easy log in by the device's serial number to show the live view monitoring video to Android phone and do operation accordingly.

Version history xmeye
New in XMEye
Fxied some known issues
New in XMEye
Fxied some known issues
New in XMEye
Fxied some known issues
New in XMEye
Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye
The with the Add Device Support 1. Account & Random password.
2. Support of non-RESET The password ADMIN Account.
3.fix some konwns Questions
New in XMEye
fix some konwns questions
New in XMEye
1.Compatible Android11
2.Fix some known issues
New in XMEye
1.Compatible Android11
2.Fix some known issues
New in XMEye
Fixed the problem that some devices cannot be accessed through mobile 3G/4G network
New in XMEye
Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye
Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye
1. Video playback ratio to 16:9 2.
Support secondary stream video playback
3. Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye
1. Support IPC custom alarm sound;
2.Fixed some known issues.
New in XMEye
1. Optimize QR code scanning function
2. Device list is sorted by default by online status
3. Optimize video playback function
4. Fix some known issues
1. Optimize QR code scanning
2. The list is arranged according to online status by default
3.Optimize video playback
4.Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye
1. Interface layout adjustment;
2. Modify known bugs.
1. Adjust layout interface;
2. Fixed some known issues.
New in XMEye 6.0.9
1. Add WeChat login and WeChat alarm push function;
2. Add face playback function;
3. Add people Face input function;
4. Add preset function;
5. Move the device alarm subscription switch to the device alarm configuration interface;
6. Fix some bugs;
1. Increase the functions of Weichat login and Weichat alarm push;
2. Increase the facial playback function;
3. Increase the facial input function;
4. Increase the function of preset point.
5. The equipment alarm subscription switch is moved to the equipment alarm configuration interface.
6. Fix some bugs. The
New in XMEye 6.0.7
1. Added face detection function;
2. Known problem fixes;
1. Support face detection
2. Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye 6.0.6
1. Added device alarm sound selection function
2. Added device volume adjustment function
3. Added device restart function
4. Support humanoid detection function
5. Fix some known issues
Added alarm sound option
2. Added volume adjustment
3. Added device restart function
4. Support Human detection
5. Fixed some known issues .
New in XMEye 6.0.5
1. Fix some known issues
Fixed some known issues .
New in XMEye 6.0.2
1. Increase device password reset function
2. Fix known issues
1.Add device password reset feature
2.Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye 6.0.1
Fixed some minor issues
Fixed some known issues.
New in XMEye 2.3.1
1. Increase the default code stream setting function of the LAN;
2. Increase the full-screen playback function when the mobile phone is horizontally displayed;
3, modify the occasional crash when previewing H.265 video;
4. Fix known issues.
1. Add the feature of stream setting in Lan network;
2. Add the feature of playback in full screen mode;
3. Fixed the crash issue when preview the H.265 device;
4. Fixed some known issues.
New in XMEye 2.3.0
1, fix known issues

1. Fixed some known issues
New in XMEye 2.2.9
1. The video preview window playback ratio is restored to 4:3
2. Increase the clear cache function;
3. H.265 video recording is saved in MP4 format;
4. Fix occasionally unable to preview the problem;

1.Set preview window to ratio 4:3
2.Add clear caching functionalit
3.H.265 video is saved in MP4
4.Fix the occasional inability to preview problem
New in XMEye 2.2.8
1. Increase Google's three-way login;
2. Increase Facebook's three-way login;
3. Add a feedback menu.
1. Add the Google login
2. Add the Facebook login
3. Add the feedback menu
New in XMEye 2.2.7
1. Add a privacy protection statement
2. Support to delete account function
3. Support Japanese
1.Add the Privacy Disclaimer
2.Support to delete account accounts
3.Support Japanese
New in XMEye 2.2.6
1. Support local H.265 video playback
2. Add digital channel coding configuration function
3. Add automatic login switch (in the common settings interface)
4. Add a privacy statement
5. Fixed a bug where some devices did not connect to DSS.
1. Support local playback for H.265
2. Add encode config in digital channel
3. Add the auto login button ( the general setting interface)
4. Add the Privacy Disclaimer
5. Fix the issue of failed to connect some DSS devices
New in XMEye 2.2.3
1. Add the search device function on the device list interface, search by serial number and device name; 2, increase the Google push function; 3, video preview and playback interface recording function to increase the timing function; 4. The device list first obtains all channels of the device channel by default. 5. When the user enters the registered mobile phone number or email address, the user can skip the binding and directly register. 6. Fix the problem that the name of the message pushed by the alarm may not correspond to the device;
New in XMEye 2.2.2
1, the device list interface to increase the sorting function: the default online in front, click the sort button, you can drag and sort. 2, fixed the problem that the previous version of the APP retired to the background, the APP often crashed; 3. Added German; 1, the device list interface adds the sorting function: the default online arrangement before, click the sort button, can be sorted by dragging. 2, the restoration of the previous version of APP back to the background, APP often crashes the problem; 3, Added German
New in XMEye 2.2.1
1. Fisheye video download and cut optimization to MP4 format; 2. The IP device supports the query of the alarm message; 3, interface optimization, the "Settings" interface in the menu has been adjusted, the quick configuration and add device interface has been adjusted, and some interfaces have been fine-tuned; 1. The fish eye video downloading and cutting optimization are MP4 format. 2, IP equipment support the alarm message query; 3, interface optimization, the menu in the "setting" interface has been adjusted, "WiFi configuration" interface has been adjusted, part of the interface made a fine tuning;
New in XMEye 2.2.0
1. Fix the device that supports H265+, open the video preview, there will be a black screen or a stuck problem; 2. The login interface adds a button for displaying the entered password; 1, fixed the problem: the devices that support H265+, open the video preview will appear black screen or not smooth; 2, the landing interface adds a button to display the input password.
New in XMEye 2.1.9
1. Added the password modification prompt box, that is, if the password is incorrect when logging in to the device, the input device password prompt box will pop up; 2. Fixed an issue where the APP could not check for updates; 3. When the fisheye device is previewed in a single screen, the function of switching the fisheye mode by double-clicking the screen is blocked; 1. Change the password prompt box, that is, if the password is wrong, the password prompt of the input device will pop up. 2. Fixed the problem that the APP could not check the update; 3. When the single-screen preview of fisheye equipment, the function of double-clicking the screen to switch the fisheye mode is blocked.
New in XMEye 2.1.7
1. Modify the problem that the password of the first device in the device list cannot be saved. 2, fixed some problems that will cause the APP to crash;
New in XMEye 2.1.6
1. Fix the problem that the APP will crash when the video preview is on the mobile phone with the system below 5.0. 2. Optimize the function of the video preview interface;
New in XMEye 2.1.5
1, optimize the video preview interface 2, fix the known bug
New in XMEye 2.1.4
Fix some devices P2P preview occasional screen problem
New in XMEye 2.1.1
1: Add a channel image thumbnail to the device list, and preview the channel directly after clicking the channel. 2: Fix the problem of no audio 3: Add multi-channel preview, zoom in and out after single channel
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